I am facing a big decision in the next couple of weeks, finalising the venue for the Leeds Innovation Lab on Disrupting Poverty.  I want to get the best venue that I can, within budget and to accommodate everyone who wants to take part.

And there is the rub.

I have already got over 50 places booked, with many more saying that they are going to book, and a commitment that there will be a good turnout from the Council, both councillors and officers that has yet to translate into bookings.   So, the pragmatist in me says book a venue that can accommodate 100.

But I also want to drive bookings because I believe the interest in, and commitment to this event would be a real demonstration of the caring and compassion in the city and the concern that many share about the increasing divides between the rich and poor, and the part that we all have to play in tackling it.  Symbolically I want to book a venue that will hold 1000 or more!  I want to broadcast it onto the screen in Millennium Square and to a packed Elland Rd.  Where is the blasted Leeds Arena when you need it?  OK you get the point. Symbolically I want this to be BIG!

So, please if you want to book a place please book it soon, NOW if possible.  And if there are others who you think would like to attend or should attend (your councillors or MP perhaps) then please take a minute and encourage them to get booked on too!

You can book places for the Innovation Lab on Disrupting Poverty in Leeds here.