You may have seen the Poor Kids documentary earlier this year.  Or you may not.

No matter.

It spurred me to do a little digging into the phenomena of poverty in Leeds and to start thinking about what we might be able to do about it. What could we do that might make a difference?

So, the plan is to hold an all day Innovation Lab somewhere in the city on October 14th where we will pull together a large and diverse group of people who care enough to look at practical actions that we can take right now.

We will use methods designed specifically to disrupt our own thinking and help us look at the issue in fresh ways and will be using approaches drawn from theatre and corporate innovation strategy.  It should be a lot of fun!

But We Need Your Help!

First we need a venue.  Somewhere in the city where we can pull together a large group of 50-100 people.  Somewhere conducive to imagination, creativity, conviviality and fun!  A nightclub perhaps? Or a dance studio?  Perhaps an art gallery or a youth club? But we have no cash to pay for it.

This is going to be fun, but people are going to be working hard and will need fuelling.  Lunch and refreshments.  Did I mention that we have no cash?  So either we need a sponsor or we go down the ‘bring your own/pot luck’ route.  I think I know which I would prefer….

We will be inviting people to pay what they can afford to attend the lab, but past experience shows that those that can afford the least donate the most and it is unlikely that we will wash our face through donations alone….And as always ability to pay must be a barrier to participation.  Free really will be fine.

But mostly we just need you to come along, bring your brain, your heart, your soul and get in engaged.  No specialist knowledge needed.  And if you can contribute a little to help oil the wheels so much the better.

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And if you are interesting in sponsoring the event or just want to get in touch then…